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  • Katerina
    23 December 2021 at 18:10

    Terrible customer service. The restaurant made a mistake at the point of booking and placed us at the bar instead of a table. When we tried to explain the misunderstanding to the manager, he was so defensive and rude to the point where he told us there was no solution so leave or stay. We chose to stay as it was late and we had no other choice. During the night we noticed that 2 of the tables behind us were empty and were never filled. I have never been to a restaurant globally where the manager was so arrogant and dismissive. We asked for an apology at the end and his response was “we served you, didn’t we?”. A restaurant that believes they’re above their customers shouldn’t be open. It would be good to learn about customer service and not just focus on food, that’s the winning recipe.

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